Simon Berrebi

Degree Program:
PhD in Civil Engineering
Paris, France

As part of his doctoral research at Georgia Tech, Simon creates tools to improve transportation using real-time information. He has developeed a bus dispatching method that maximizes frequency, while maintaining stable headways, based on current operating conditions to avoid bus bunching and minimize passenger waiting time. He is currently in the process of implementing this method on the Atlanta Streetcar, and studying its impact on operations. Simon's work also involves measuring impedance and accessibility of station-less bike and car sharing systems where users can park anywhere within defined zones, exploring how transportation agencies can use social media to improve their service, and designing control methods to enhance connections between transit vehicles.

Simon is also the co-founder and acting president of the MARTA Army, a grassroots organization located in Atlanta, improving the ridership aboard MARTA. The MARTA Army recruits soldiers (volunteers) to adopt bus stops, and provides them with branded and whether resistent signs with schedules and maps to put up at their stops.

Simon is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in transportation systems at Georgia Tech. He has recieved a Masters in Science from Georgia Tech in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor's degree from Mcgill University (Canada) in Mathematics and History. He previously worked at Diagma in Paris as a logistics and supply chain consultant for a year.