Other Projects

A new look at rapid transit maps: Integrating bus service into schematic rail mapping

Collaboration with MARTA, UTIL student Margaret Carragher and Garrow Lab student Josie Kressner
Sponsored by the Georgia Transportation Institute

The goal of this project is to determine whether the design of a map and inclusion of bus routes on a transit system map impacts bus ridership. The researchers have developed new maps for the MARTA system that include bus and train routes. Two surveys will be conducted to determine the potential bus ridership, should these new maps be implemented and posted throughout the internet, bus, and train stations. One survey will be an on-board survey on MARTA train targeting train riders who do not use the bus and why they use only the train and not the bus, as well as their reaction to the new bus/train maps. The second survey will target neighborhoods within walking distance to a bus stop, but not walking distance to a train station. The goal of this survey is to determine whether people know that they are close to a bus stop and whether or not they utilize it. If they do not, the survey asks about reasons why they do not use the bus and whether inclusion of their route on an overall map would increase their ridership on the bus. The results of these surveys will show whether or not there is a relationship between map design and bus ridership as well as reasons why people do not utilize public bus transportation.